Why you absolutely need to be organised even if you are a highly creative person

By Julia Noyel
You are a creative mind and you are unable to focus on one single project. You cannot sleep because you think of all the emails you still have to deal with, projects you have to finish. You are delayed with your projects? You never finish what you started? You postpone important tasks? No idea how to get organized? You are not alone.

When we are creatives we have so many ideas, so many things to create that we have no time to organise and focus. If you are highly creative person you have so many ideas popping up in your mind that focusing on one single project is difficult. Many time management and organisation tipps are not adapted to our specific needs. Let’s be honest. It is so boring! But there are fun ways to get organised even when you are a creative person. Organise your time and workplace regularly has some benefits also as a highly creative person. Let’s see what are the major benefits of organisation and time management skills for the highly creative person. 

Increased work productivity and effectiveness

By experience we can do often the same work in muh shorter time. When you are organised and have an appropriate time management you might be surprised in how much time you can do things. 

Better well-being at work & private life

Organisation and time management skills help us to balance our life. We need some off time in order to get new inspiration for our work. 

Better concentration and focus

When paper piles are getting higher and higher, when chaos starts flooding our work space, energy gets stuck. Energy flow is however important in order to concentrateand focus. 

Increased motivation

Having a proper place and time management helps us to keep an overall overview of things that need to be done and milestones that have been already achieved. When we see how many steps we already have done, we feel much more motivated to move forward with our projects.

Decrease anxiety and better health

When we work in a clean space, have an efficient time management, we have control over our lives which is essential in order to feel safe and peaceful and relaxed. 

If you want to learn how to organise yourself as a creative person, move forward with your projects and succeed, I invite you to check out my training How to be happy and efficient at work’  or contact me to get your personal coaching.

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