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Decision making skills - How to use your intuition at the work place

On a daily basis we have to take a lot of decisions, what employee to chose, what client will pay or not, which project will work and move the company forward! Most of the most successful people admitted that they followed their guts in order to take the right decision. In this training you / your employees will learn to use and develop their intuition.

Emotional intelligence & conflict management - Handle difficult employees and customers

People are different, we want to work in a calm and harmonious atmosphere. Sometimes conflicts arises, we need to face anry client or colleagues. How to communicate with difficult people, employees or customers? Communicating and managing conflict at work can be learned!

How to retain your employees & customers

In today’s world competition is high. You need more than just satisfying your employees’ and customers need! In earlier times it was enough to offer a work place, to pay your employees and to respond to your customer’s need. Today you need to inspire by offering an employee or customer journey!

Leadership training - Become a happy, healthy & successful leader

Do you want to succeed, be successful, have more charisma and contribute to your company’s success? Would you like to have a positive impact on your colleagues, your collaborators, the company management? Do you want to express your ideas, your vision and be listened to? Guide and motivate others while remaining yourself?

Communication & conflict management skills - Communicate better, be listened & manage conflicts at work

Your ideas are not taken into account at work? You do not dare to express yourself? If you say something, no one listens to you? Being assertive, saying no, setting boundaries at work is not easy.

Time management & organisation skills - Be happy & efficient at work

You cannot sleep because you think of all the emails you still have to deal with, projects you have to finish. You are delayed with your projects? You postpone important tasks? You work during the weekend? You have no more time for leisure, your partner, your children?

Stress management & work-life balance - Handle stress & emotions at work

Are you stressed at work? Suffering from Burn-out? Work stress can seriously harm the employee but also have important consequences for the employer. Stress happens if we do things that are not in line with our needs and values, skills or if we set our goals too high.