You want to retain your employees & customers?

In today’s world competition is high. You need more than just satisfying your employees’ and customers’ needs! In earlier times it was enough to offer a work place, to pay your employees and to respond to your customers’ needs. Successful companies inspire their customers and employees by offering an employee or customer journey! In my training you will learn how to inspire and surprise your employees and customers. How to create the famous WOW.


Emotional young man with round eyes, open mouth and hands pressed to top of head, showing astonishment and shock, isolated on gray background

During the Training program ‘How to retain your employees & customers‘, you’ll learn:

  • to take the inventory (what does not work, what to optimize, etc.)
  • to understand what customer and employee retention is about.
  • how to create a WOW with your employees and customers!
  • how to create an inspiring customers and employee journey!
  • Strategies to make your employees and customers feel good!
  • what to avoid if you want to retain your employees and customers.

Benefits of the Training program ‘How to retain your employees & customers‘:

  • More satisfied customers and happier employees
  • Better well-being at work, higher job satisfaction
  • Increased motivation and performance
  • Decrease costs due to turn-over or illness
  • Concrete and practical methods
  • A comprehensive and integrative approach (Taking into account body and mind)
  • Simple and creative tools easily applicable by each person
  • An action plan tailored to the needs of each participant

During this training program How to retain your employees & customers a mixture of different approaches help you discover a variety of methods and to select the most suitable for you.

Practical information

The training workshops are scheduled for 7 hours. *Please notice all my trainings are available also as individual
intensive training (by face-to face, Skype or phone) worldwide in French, German and English! Contact me!


Julia Noyel is Consultant, Trainer, lecturer in various famous business schools. She helds two master degrees: one in international economics (major in strategy and (change) management) and one in international labor law and is Coach & Psychological Counselor certified by the college of Hamburg and author of several self-help books. She is expert in authentic leadership, authentic communication, emotional intelligence, body-mindfulness. Inspired by various management techniques, of nonviolent communication (NVC, PET, EI etc.), emotional intelligence and creativity tools such as improvisation, her goal is to enable every company to retain their employees and customers.

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