How to be a good manager at work and motivate your teams

Businessman on knees on the street found treasure undergroundBy Julia Noyel

You have a team to manage? Your employees are demotivated, poorly performing, not involved at work or absent? Are you afraid of not achieving your goals, of not being appreciated by your collaborators? Do you envy all managers who seem to succeed without any difficulty? Do you have doubts about yourself? Yet there are managers who seem to succeed! Within their teams, employees are motivated and efficient, dynamic and innovative. They are fully involved in their work. And you?
When will you finally be able to motivate your team?

What keeps you from succeeding in your role as manager 

The problem is not where you suspect it. Having trained and met many managers in recent years, I have seen many people who feel like you. And most of them had a misconception about how to manage a team. And since they did not know what led them to have poor teams, they all did things without any success. Once you understand, you can stop trying ineffective techniques, stop harmful and adopt healthier behaviors.
Here’s the truth: There are many managers, however, leaders are rare! A manager has a hierarchical responsibility within the company, he manages and coordinates his teams! This is important, but to motivate your team you need leadership qualities too. A true leader is a gold digger. Passionate about his work, he is happy and appreciated. It is the leader who motivates and drives the team. You too, you can have an impact on the motivation and performance of your employees.

So do you want to stay a mere manager or become a true leader?

I have good news for you! Motivating your teams and naturally getting your employees involved at work is possible! What you need is to develop your leadership skills! And Leadership is not an innate talent. Leadership can be learned! There are simple tools to become a good, yes even an excellent leader! You just need to use them. There are small daily steps that will change your attitude as a manager and will transform you into a true leader.  These small steps will help you feel better in your role as a manager. You can stay authentic and feel happy and confident. If you practice every day you will see immediate positive changes in your role as a leader. Just understand what to change, how to put new behaviors in place and practice them in a sustainable way. Obviously, it is not always easy to do this alone. If you think you need help, feel free to contact me! I can show you how to become a genuine authentic leader and succeed at work.
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