You want your employees to make better decisions?

On a daily basis we have to take a lot of decisions, what employee to chose, what client will pay or not, which project will work and move the company forward! Most of the most successful people admitted that they followed their guts in order to take the right decision. In this training you / your employees will learn to use and develop their intuition.

The concept of business, technology, the Internet and the network. A young entrepreneur working on a virtual screen of the future and sees the inscription: Insight

During the Training program ‘Decision making skills – How to use your intuition at the work place‘, you’ll learn:

  • to understand your functioning (how do ‘I’ currently take decisions)
  • different tools to use, listen and develop your intution
  • how to make decisions based on your intuition
  • what different blocking mechanisms  exist that hinder you to listen to your intuition
  • to balance your rational and intuitive decision making process and much more

Benefits of the Training program ‘Decision making skills – How to use your intuition at the work place:

  • Increased work productivity and effectiveness
  • Minimize failures & risk
  • Increased success
  • Decrease anxiety and stress at work
  • Concrete and practical methods
  • A comprehensive and integrative approach (Taking into account body and mind)
  • Simple and creative tools easily applicable by each
  • An action plan tailored to the needs of each participant

During this training program Decision making skills – How to use your intuition at the work place‘, a mixture of different approaches help you discover a variety of methods and to select the most suitable for you.

Practical information

The training workshops are scheduled for 1 day training.
For fees, registration and to know the availability for this intensive workshop (groups are limited to 9 people), contact me!
I am member of certified training provider. *Please notice all my trainings are available also as inhouse and individual intensive training (by face-to face, Skype or phone) worldwide in French, German and English! Contact me!


Julia Noyel is Consultant, Trainer, lecturer in various famous business schools. She helds two master degrees: one in international economics (major in strategy and (change) management) and one in international labor law and is Coach & Psychological Counselor certified by the college of Hamburg and author of several self-help books. She is highly intuitive and expert in authentic leadership, authentic communication, emotional intelligence, body-mindfulness. Inspired by various management techniques, of nonviolent communication (NVC, PET, EI etc.), emotional intelligence and creativity tools such as improvisation, her goal is to enable everyone to become a better decision maker and develop the intuition at the work place.

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