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Communication skills for the creative person

By Julia Noyel
You are a creative mind and your ideas are not taken into account at work? Everything is in your head, it is quite clear by the way, you are just wondering how to get it out and when you try to get your ideas out, seems not clear at least not to your audience. (-: When you try to explain or promote your ideas to your colleagues of the business or financial department they are looking at you as if you were speaking in another language? Or maybe if you say something, no one listens to you?! But this is not the only challenge. How to communicate with a colleague or difficult superior without losing control? You passion and when you are critised you have difficulties to keep control. You do not dare to express yourself because you are afraid you will explode? Or maybe you explode! I know. Being assertive, promoting our business, saying no, setting boundaries, handle our emotions is not easy, especially not for a creative mind. But communicating more effectively can be learned!

When we are a highly creative personnlity we are enthusiastic, optimistic, dynamic and expressive and we always think other people are the same. Unfortunately they are not. When you go in front of the meeting room start enthusiastally drawing a quick draft of your ideas to illustrate your ideas probably 80 % of the people in the room will look at you confused, get completely lost, unable to follow your so cristall clear ideas. The thing is your drawing might be quite clear to you and some creatives in the room, but not to the rest in the room, such as the financial director for instance. Why? They are unable to follow your creative mind just because they process in different ways. But hold on, no need to despair. Communicate more effectively with other people can be learned. 

If you want to be heard, if you want your ideas to be taken into account and you would like to communicate more effectively as a highly creative person you need to adapt your communication style to the people you are communicating with. If you want to communicate effectively here are 4 strategies to start with:

  1. Know who you are talking to
  2. Understand other people’s communication style
  3. Adapt your communication style according to your audience
  4. Increase your emotional intelligence

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