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Why you absolutely need to be organised even if you are a highly creative person

By Julia Noyel
You are a creative mind and you are unable to focus on one single project. You cannot sleep because you think of all the emails you still have to deal with, projects you have to finish. You are delayed with your projects? You never finish what you started? You postpone important tasks? No idea how to get organized? You are not alone.

When we are creatives we have so many ideas, so many things to create that we have no time to organise and focus. If you are highly creative person you have so many ideas popping up in your mind that focusing on one single project is difficult. Many time management and organisation tipps are not adapted to our specific needs. Let’s be honest. It is so boring! But there are fun ways to get organised even when you are a creative person. Organise your time and workplace regularly has some benefits also as a highly creative person. Let’s see what are the major benefits of organisation and time management skills for the highly creative person. 

Increased work productivity and effectiveness

By experience we can do often the same work in muh shorter time. When you are organised and have an appropriate time management you might be surprised in how much time you can do things. 

Better well-being at work & private life

Organisation and time management skills help us to balance our life. We need some off time in order to get new inspiration for our work. 

Better concentration and focus

When paper piles are getting higher and higher, when chaos starts flooding our work space, energy gets stuck. Energy flow is however important in order to concentrateand focus. 

Increased motivation

Having a proper place and time management helps us to keep an overall overview of things that need to be done and milestones that have been already achieved. When we see how many steps we already have done, we feel much more motivated to move forward with our projects.

Decrease anxiety and better health

When we work in a clean space, have an efficient time management, we have control over our lives which is essential in order to feel safe and peaceful and relaxed. 

If you want to learn how to organise yourself as a creative person, move forward with your projects and succeed, I invite you to check out my training How to be happy and efficient at work’  or contact me to get your personal coaching.

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How to retain your employees & customers Sophia Antipolis Nice Cannes Lyon Paris Munich

 You want to retain your employees & customers?

In today’s world competition is high. You need more than just satisfying your employees’ and customers’ needs! In earlier times it was enough to offer a work place, to pay your employees and to respond to your customers’ needs. Successful companies inspire their customers and employees by offering an employee or customer journey! In my training you will learn how to inspire and surprise your employees and customers. How to create the famous WOW.


Emotional young man with round eyes, open mouth and hands pressed to top of head, showing astonishment and shock, isolated on gray background

During the Training program ‘How to retain your employees & customers‘, you’ll learn:

  • to take the inventory (what does not work, what to optimize, etc.)
  • to understand what customer and employee retention is about.
  • how to create a WOW with your employees and customers!
  • how to create an inspiring customers and employee journey!
  • Strategies to make your employees and customers feel good!
  • what to avoid if you want to retain your employees and customers.

Benefits of the Training program ‘How to retain your employees & customers‘:

  • More satisfied customers and happier employees
  • Better well-being at work, higher job satisfaction
  • Increased motivation and performance
  • Decrease costs due to turn-over or illness
  • Concrete and practical methods
  • A comprehensive and integrative approach (Taking into account body and mind)
  • Simple and creative tools easily applicable by each person
  • An action plan tailored to the needs of each participant

During this training program How to retain your employees & customers a mixture of different approaches help you discover a variety of methods and to select the most suitable for you.

Practical information

The training workshops are scheduled for 7 hours. *Please notice all my trainings are available also as individual
intensive training (by face-to face, Skype or phone) worldwide in French, German and English! Contact me!


Julia Noyel is Consultant, Trainer, lecturer in various famous business schools. She helds two master degrees: one in international economics (major in strategy and (change) management) and one in international labor law and is Coach & Psychological Counselor certified by the college of Hamburg and author of several self-help books. She is expert in authentic leadership, authentic communication, emotional intelligence, body-mindfulness. Inspired by various management techniques, of nonviolent communication (NVC, PET, EI etc.), emotional intelligence and creativity tools such as improvisation, her goal is to enable every company to retain their employees and customers.

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Communication skills for the creative person

By Julia Noyel
You are a creative mind and your ideas are not taken into account at work? Everything is in your head, it is quite clear by the way, you are just wondering how to get it out and when you try to get your ideas out, seems not clear at least not to your audience. (-: When you try to explain or promote your ideas to your colleagues of the business or financial department they are looking at you as if you were speaking in another language? Or maybe if you say something, no one listens to you?! But this is not the only challenge. How to communicate with a colleague or difficult superior without losing control? You passion and when you are critised you have difficulties to keep control. You do not dare to express yourself because you are afraid you will explode? Or maybe you explode! I know. Being assertive, promoting our business, saying no, setting boundaries, handle our emotions is not easy, especially not for a creative mind. But communicating more effectively can be learned!

When we are a highly creative personnlity we are enthusiastic, optimistic, dynamic and expressive and we always think other people are the same. Unfortunately they are not. When you go in front of the meeting room start enthusiastally drawing a quick draft of your ideas to illustrate your ideas probably 80 % of the people in the room will look at you confused, get completely lost, unable to follow your so cristall clear ideas. The thing is your drawing might be quite clear to you and some creatives in the room, but not to the rest in the room, such as the financial director for instance. Why? They are unable to follow your creative mind just because they process in different ways. But hold on, no need to despair. Communicate more effectively with other people can be learned. 

If you want to be heard, if you want your ideas to be taken into account and you would like to communicate more effectively as a highly creative person you need to adapt your communication style to the people you are communicating with. If you want to communicate effectively here are 4 strategies to start with:

  1. Know who you are talking to
  2. Understand other people’s communication style
  3. Adapt your communication style according to your audience
  4. Increase your emotional intelligence

You want to know how to do this? Check out my training How to communicate, be listened and manage conflicts at work’ or contact me to get your personal coaching.


How to be a good manager at work and motivate your teams

Businessman on knees on the street found treasure undergroundBy Julia Noyel

You have a team to manage? Your employees are demotivated, poorly performing, not involved at work or absent? Are you afraid of not achieving your goals, of not being appreciated by your collaborators? Do you envy all managers who seem to succeed without any difficulty? Do you have doubts about yourself? Yet there are managers who seem to succeed! Within their teams, employees are motivated and efficient, dynamic and innovative. They are fully involved in their work. And you?
When will you finally be able to motivate your team?